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We are extremely design oriented and try to ensure that each project however small, is designed, detailed and built to the highest possible standards. In any economy, the better designed buildings will sell or let more readily than other less well designed buildings in the same sector. We like our buildings to be accessible, enjoyable, economical and capable of adaptation and extension. Our work has a sense of fun and our clients appreciate the commercial success that can result from a well thought out and well-designed building.
We aim to create buildings of exceptional quality, design and detail within agreed cost and time limits. Our clients are expected to contribute to the design process by joining the design team in developing the project brief and in outlining the economic criteria for each job. Consultants and contractors are carefully chosen for their specific ability to contribute to the success of each project.
We design buildings in many different climatic regions, and avoid architectural stereotypes. Each job is different and each building design emerges from its own specific brief. During the detailed design stage of each job, we work with suppliers and manufacturers in identifying the most cost effective, durable and elegant details of building construction.

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