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Key Stages of a Project
Inception to Completion: Key Stages of a Project
An outline guide of the key stages that take place, from inception to completion and hand over of a project.
Stage 1 - Inception
5% of total service

Receive, appraise and report on the client's requirements with regard to:
  • Client's brief
  • The site, and rights and constraints
  • Budgetary constraints
  • The need for consultants
  • Project program
  • Methods of contracting

Stage 2 - Concept and Viability
15% of total service

Prepare an initial design and advise on:
  • Space provisions and planning relationships
  • Proposed materials and services
  • Technical and functional design characteristics
  • Check for property rights conformity
  • Review anticipated project cost
  • Review project program
  • Submit site development plans to local authority if required
Stage 3 - Design and Development
20% of total service
  • Confirm the scope and complexity
  • Review design and consult local and statutory authorities
  • Develop design, construction system, materials and components
  • Incorporate services and consultants work
  • Review design costing and program with consultants

Stage 4.1 - Local Authority Drawings
20% of total service
  • Co-ordinate technical documentation with consultants and
  • Prepare specifications for the works
  • Review costing & program with consultants
  • Obtain client’s authority and submit documents for approval
Stage 4.2 - Construction Documentation and Tenders
10% of total service
  • Obtain clients authority to prepare documents to procure offers for works
  • Evaluate offers and recommend on the award of the building contract
  • Prepare the contract documentation and arrange for the signing of the building contract
Stage 5 - Construction
27% of total service

Contract administration
  • Hand over the site to the contractor
  • Issue construction documentation
  • Initiate and/or check subcontract design and documentation as appropriate
  • Inspect the works for conformity to the contract documentation
  • Administer and perform the duties and obligations assigned to the principal agent in the JBCC building agreements and issue the certificate of practical completion
  • Assist the client to obtain the occupation certificate
Stage 6 - Close Out
3% of total service
  • Fulfil and complete the project close-out including the preparation of the necessary documentation to facilitate the effective completion, handover and operation of the project.
  • After the contractors obligations with respect to the building contract are fulfilled, the architect shall issue the certificates related to contract completion.
  • Provide the client with as-built drawings and relevant technical and contractual undertakings by the contractor and sub contractors.
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