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Ngong Road Forest Association
Ngong Road Forest Reserve is situated in the outskirts of Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. This remarkable geographical location gives the forest a unique role in Nairobi and Kenya. The dense population surrounding the forest, including slums and some affluent areas, has led to high demands on forest resources. These demands include; fuelwood, water, bee keeping, ecotourism, recreation and grazing pasture. There is also a history of violent crime associated with the forest, making it unsafe for people to visit. This unplanned use of forest resources and connection with crime is unsustainable. The development of this plan is therefore timely, as it comes in a period when the demands on the forest are great and the opportunities for direct and indirect benefit are sizeable.
In response to the 2005 Forest Act, a Community Forest Association was established called the Ngong Road Forest Association (NRFA).
The plan to save the Ngong Road Forest constitutes two stages:
Stage 1: Forest security and basic Infrastructure: end the violent, criminal activity currently plaguing the forest by establishing a secure perimeter fence and by implementing long-term security measures.
Stage 2: Set up community and visitor activities: Establish Ngong Road Forest as a going concern by implementing four self - sustaining public programmes.
i. Environmental conservation
ii. Community engagement & employment
iii. Education
iv. Recreation
“How wonderful it will be for the residents and community to be able to roam again safely within the forest, both working and relaxing in this very special environment. We encourage all present to help us on this major task to protect and develop this very special 3,000 acres of natural resource that combines with Karura Forest and the Nairobi Game Park in providing the green lungs of Nairobi that are essential for our green city in the sun. Few cities in the world have these incredible green areas of indigenous forest within them.”

Simon Woods,

Chairman of the Ngong Road Forest Association
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